Monday, March 1

She's had some work done.

...And it's paid for with the blood of five thousand US soldiers and many more Iraqi civilians.

Anyone who gives her a seat on their television show is twisting the knife on all that is decent and honorable about America.

The idea that her father's war profits...
pay for cosmetic surgery...
to make her look more telegenic...
so she can promote and defend the murder of innocents and the torture of any...
in order to "keep me safe"?

Liz Cheney, and the networks who give her a stage, make Jesus himself vomit.


  1. Oh My!

    Strong talk-the right talk-true talk-thank you for this Blue Gal!

  2. ellie7:21 PM

    Palin went from looking like Gidget to looking like Cruella De Ville (in less than a year).
    Guess Lizzy had the bucks for a MUCH better plastic surgeon.
    Can't fix the inside of either of them.

  3. Daddy's Dearest Darthette can't be lettin' that Sarah Palin witch get all the purty attention

  4. BlueGal - you could do an entire book of before and after shots of the rightwing plastics.

    Whoever did Sarahlast "job" looks to have knicked a nerve on the left side of her face affecting the way her mouth moves. Really creepy.
    She must have gotten a surgeon referral from Greta VanScientologist

  5. She has had some work done, and she is a piece of work.

  6. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Randall, here,

    This is the Reich-wing version of Tokyo Rose: superficial hottie with a core of brutal, authoritarian, uncompromising diktat. I consider Liz to be infinitely more dangerous than Palin: liz, at least, has a passing semblance of a BRAIN.

  7. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Ann Coulter--another example of someone addicted to the knife. She should do something about that Adam's apple of hers.

  8. She seems as desperate for attention as Sarah Palin and Andrew Sullivan.

  9. Liz V.12:23 PM

    It ( I cannot bring myself to type its name as it defiles all decent women) is a horrifying simulacrum of a human...that its frequent plastic surgery and botox has likely been paid for on our dime is just more salt in a wound that for me will probably never heal...but in its earlier pics it looked so much like its satanic father that I understand her (oops) desire to alter its appearance.

  10. nice post.. thanks for your sharp eye and the knife of your photoshop in your other series!
    great job!

  11. A truly awful human being, and a chip off the old block.


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