Tuesday, March 2

Introducing Liz Cheney's Love Muffin!

Blocking his own front door,
Mister Amato rebuffed attempts to question the
'experienced State Department Deputy'
with a curt, "She's busy."

John Amato and I have had a little inter-office fake post duel going on under the Crooks and Liars radar. But he doesn't photoshop so the battle has been completely unfair. A memo linking me to Tim Pawlenty, John? Please.

When I sent this little concoction around the office cubicles, I kinda won.

And Amato (bless his heart) said it was funny enough to post at open thread tonight. Ha.

PS Yeah, we've heard all the 'I wouldn't do her with my father-in-law's tallywhacker' jokes, thanks.


  1. 'Baby, please! I am not from Havana.'


  2. Poor guy... Never had a shot. Never bring a memo to a photoshop fight.

  3. Are you experienced?
    Have you ever been...experienced?

    Oh great.
    I made myself sick.


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