Saturday, April 23

Blog Against Theocracy - The sins of the fathers

I've been really interested in this whole defund Planned Parenthood thing from the standpoint of stopping theocracy in America.   Mike Pence is a self-described evangelical Christian, and his insistence on defunding the non-abortion activities (he can't defund the abortion part because he doesn't fund it) of Planned Parenthood stinks of Levitican punishment for something with which he and his acolytes disagree.

Take note: I called them acolytes not constituents.   Pence is running for Governor of Indiana and needs his coffers filled from way beyond the Sixth Congressional District he "represents," and a number of his constituents, particularly women of child-bearing age and those who love those women, don't see Pence as a representative of their values.

from the "Mike Pence does not represent me" collection on Tumblr
I find it fascinating that the push for Theocracy so often dovetails with the sin of avarice.


  1. You connected the dots well here in few words.

    (I've often said that if there really was a 'Jesus', he wouldn't claim these people. The 'Jesus' they worship is a weaponized sociopath, bent on coming back on a white horse and hosing everything down with a flamethrower....)

  2. Where in their bible does it say "Reward the Rich and Punish the Poor??"

  3. Greed is not the only sin asshats like Mike Pence indulge in:

    The Dominionist Christian lust for power is also one of the 7 Deadly Sins. Lust (Luxuria in Latin) is defined as a lust for sex or a lust for power.

    Let's not forget all those angry, gun-toting Christian Tea Baggers and their "2nd Amendment Remedies". Wrath is called "Ira" in Latin.

    Christian politicians that say union teachers and firefighters have it better than the rest of us? Envy (Invidia in latin) is also a deadly sin. It is sometime lumped in with Lust though.

    The Christians I like best are the ones that are proud though. Pride is considered the worst of the 7 Deadly Sins (Superbia in Latin).

  4. "Acolytes" is good, as is your last sentence. Ain't it funny?

  5. Heh, This might be a good closing hymn.


  6. Religion is a comfort to many ... but so was sucking my thumb!

  7. Bluegal: Your link to Susie Bright in the sidebar is broken.

  8. Thanks, Jack! I fixed it.


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