Saturday, April 30

What Royal Wedding?

My seven-year-old stylist and I perused the David's Bridal website for (strictly DIY) hair style ideas.

She informed me that I should get "that" dress. Cost: One and one half mortgage payments.

"That's a LOT of money!" I said.

She sighed. "Yeah, you're paying for the fashion."

No, I'm not.


  1. I'm sure you will be a beautiful bride, no matter what you wear.
    I tried to steer clear of the royal wedding stuff; I kept having these visions of Peter O'Toole in "The Ruling Class" which is all kinds of unfair. The movie was at least interesting and disturbing, the wedding not so much.

    -Doug in Oakland

  2. I'm looking for a 7-year old fashionista to take on Fashion Week Continues!... sounds like she has the right attitude.

    Intern rates apply.



  3. Excellent choice, Ten. And Blue Gal, I assume you are going for something you can wear again, no? It's amazing how much money couples spend on weddings. All that pain and suffering for one day. Actually one-third of one day. Just went to a civil union this past weekend. Of course wedding planners are so

  4. GMB. Ten minutes at the courthouse in an outfit I'm sewing myself, then cupcakes and fruit kabobs in our dining room (8 yo insists on the fruit kabobs). I doubt we're even spending our wedding night away from the kids. Money is tight and sitters hard to come by.

    And the only wedding planners are 7 and 8 years old and they work for a role in the wedding and love it.


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