Monday, April 11

Paul Ryan as Marie Antoinette


  1. Paul Ryan's plan: GOP Death panels exposed.

    After we endure this round, then it;s back to the budget hatchet job part 2 then it comes time to raise the debt limit-- because in excess of $14 trillion debt is not deep enough.
    Let's have more wars & borrow money to do so.

    Cut Grandma's Medicare, but don't cha be raising taxes on the rich. 10 years of tax breaks for the rich is also just not enough.

  2. There is a difference between wealth and income. Hard for the Feds to tax wealth. If you are wealthy then there are shelters to offset income so just raising the % of income tax for incomes above $250k. Just hammers professionals and small businesses. Like it or not, Obama's plan is just tax and spend as usual. I happen to be on Medicare but because I have studied economics at the graduate level I recognize the merits of Ryan's plan. Even if we could come up with a scheme to "tax the rich" at the rates that Obama is discussing it won't solve the problem. What is required is a significant reform of the tax codes and entitlement programs along with a massive restructuring of the federal government. Like it or not, the US is a republic and the feds are usurping what the state and local governments should be doing. Think about it. States do have the mechanism to tax wealth that the feds don't have.

  3. Who's the troll named John?

    Always good to hear them chime in with their know-nothingisms!

  4. These rubes put on a suit and tie and the media fall all over them and for a minute they think they will be president. Ryan = Walker = Ryan. It's a shame the cameras aren't running when they finally realize that no, no presidency for them. Assholes.


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