Wednesday, March 7

Birth control is a profit center and possibly a Republican idea.

I received an email this morning from a podcast listener who is engaged in a birth control debate with some Hot Air / Big Government readers.  He sent me transcripts of email exchanges with these "libertarian" friends who also recommend reading Big Government and Hot Air every day to stay on top of things.   But the gist of the argument was about contraception.  So I wrote back.  But I didn't send them the LOL I made:

Thanks for writing.  But the debate on this is OVER.  Obama CAVED to the Catholic Church on this.  They do not have to pay for insurance coverage for contraception, period!  The insurance companies will have to pay for this coverage.  

And let's be clear.  This is about insurance policies that the students pay for.  Georgetown undergraduates PAY over $1800 a year for health insurance.

You will never read that at Hot Effing Air, but you will at websites that are covering the facts of the case instead of just resisting Obama no matter what. 

The thing that gets me is Obama is adopting Republican policies (health care mandate - REPUBLICAN idea that even Gingrich was for six years ago -- Cap and Trade - John McCain's idea) and the tea party that hates him therefore goes batsh*t because they can't be for anything Obama supports, even if Obama says "maybe a Republican has a good idea let's look at it" as he has done DOZENS of times.  Some liberals hate Obama for that, btw.  (Bet your friends have never read FireDogLake - EEK!)  Eventually Obama is going to say "kittens" and the Tea Party is going to be anti-kitten.  

I love that this argument comes from people without ovaries, but whatever.  As a mother of three very wanted children, I can tell you, that I spaced them out because it's healthier for me that way.  Having one baby right after another (which I actually did with 2 and 3) killed my back and caused other health problems.   Mothers use birth control so they can breastfeed and care for their older baby, maybe get him/her out of diapers, before they have baby number 2.  Nothing immoral about that, people. 

So couples of family-bearing age and yes, young women who are FERTILE use birth control for family planning.  Husbands and wives are not going to buy an insurance policy that does not cover that medicine.   And now the laws regulating health insurance say that that medicine has to be covered, because NOT covering it is discriminating against women because DUH, they have reproductive organs that get them pregnant.   

If I buy a car and insurance for it, I'm going to buy collision insurance.  I'm not going to buy a policy that doesn't have collision insurance attached to it, and by the way STATE LAW says I can't anyway.  I have to have that coverage.   Now, because I have a womb and ovaries, law says I have to have health coverage for those organs, and that insurance companies and employers can't separate them out from the total person, sorry boys.  

Finally, this is a non-issue.  Blue Cross covers birth control pills, diaphragms, hormone implants, the whole shebang because it's good business.  

Congratulations, libertarians!!!  Capitalism wins every time.   

Birth control coverage is WAY cheaper than paying for baby deliveries and it's more profitable to offer policies that cover this.  That's only going to be more pervasive when everyone has to buy coverage and these exchanges allow insurance companies to compete on the open market (REPUBLICAN IDEA).   Insurance companies will be tripping over their own reproductive organs to tell women that they cover not only birth control, but private birthing facilities, annual Ob/GYN and mammogram visits, etc. etc. etc. because that means more money for them.  

I absolutely refuse to get involved in an email debate.  But if you want to forward this on, without my email address, because again, I refuse to get involved in an email debate, (did I say I refuse to get involved in an email debate?)   go ahead.  


  1. Gotta share this editorial from the local paper:

    Insurance pays for men’s pills, too

    So Rush Limbaugh concludes that because birth control is covered by health insurance, society (you and me) is paying for Sandra Fluke’s sexual activity, so she should provide us with videotapes showing the sex we are paying for.

    I’m led to wonder if an older guy such as Limbaugh uses Viagra, which is also covered by health insurance. If he uses Viagra, then by his own logic society (you and me) is paying for his sexual activity. And, while I shudder at the thought, maybe he should provide us with sex tapes of himself.

    If the sex police in the Republican Party want people to have less sex, they should embrace the idea of a Rush Limbaugh sex tape.

    LOL & EWWWWWWW all @ once Eh?

  2. Speaking of which...are there dates for BAT? As you said, it's going to be a big one.

  3. It's Easter Weekend, which this year is April 6-8.

  4. Wow. I better start writing.


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