Wednesday, March 14

Explain to THIS lady why you want to repeal ObamaCare, Michele Bachmann.

And yeah she doubted and voted "independent" etc. but when it comes down to the "rights" of for-profit insurance companies (who did not want to insure this lady anyway!) versus saving her life, the Republican Party does not have an argument. Not one. Anyone who thinks ObamaCare makes the government too big might have an argument, but then they must tell us how they will fix health insurance so that women like the one in this video can afford coverage. And they must tell you how they are going to cover the two million plus people ages 18-26 who now have health insurance on their parent's plans -- NOT due to government spending, but through a modest reform in health insurance regulations that the insurance industry did not fight, because covering young people is a pretty good bet financially. As more white independent home-owning small business owners come to see Obamacare as working for THEM, the Republican Party will rue the day they called Health Insurance Reform by that name. The people who can say "ObamaCare saved my life" and their families will never vote Republican as long as they live.


  1. Republican voters will never respond to abstract concepts like a healthcare system that helps them AND the economy. Lying conservatives with "death panel" catch phrases (and a complicit media echo chamber) will see to that. To humanize the message with a powerful anecdote such as this one, is a winning strategy if your target has a heart.

  2. Really powerful. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Obamacare saved my life too. In my case it was throat cancer. I thank god every day,and pray they don't repeal it because of all the other lives it will save. Know the facts!


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