Sunday, March 4

A serious message for Rush Limbaugh

So Pro-Flowers kinda sorta relents, and "suspends" advertising on your show.  And it's been just one abandonment after another from advertisers who were only too happy to take your listeners' business for years until YOU made that bad for business.

Your next victim should be Congressman Darryl Issa.  If it weren't for his politically motivated disgrace of an "oversight" committee and his ham-handed "boys only, and choir boys only at that" hearing on contraception, Sandra Fluke could have been just one "side" in the media's constant pursuit of "balance."  Instead your treatment of her became the story, and you had no idea what Twitter could do.  We've had practice with Komen and Virginia transvaginal ultrasounds etc. etc. etc.   And your so-called apology does not mean we win.  It means we've just begun, and it is so not over with you and your brand of conmmentary.

But here is a serious message for you, the Breitbarting heirs of Andrew's Empire, and any other flying monkeys trolling and bullying the internet for the thrill of making a liberal mad.  We don't care.  This is not about beating you.   This is about building a community and a society where YOUR behavior is not morally acceptable.

It is not acceptable to bully a witness to a congressional hearing or caucus.  Really, what is the penalty for that in Federal Law?

It is not acceptable to get intoxicated in public and yell, to everyone's incomprehension, "stop raping people" at young women Occupy protesters in a public plaza.  You're dead now, Andrew, but you shamed your children then and that was less than a month ago.

And it is not acceptable to edit film and facts to fit your political agenda.  It is not acceptable to use lies and bullying to destroy the reputations and careers of those who are empowering those less powerful than you.  And if that is your legacy, you are to be pitied and then forgotten.

We don't care about beating you in the grand scheme of things, because you, Rush Limbaugh, (and the late Breitbarter, rest in peace and insignificance) are not in the grand scheme of things.  You are small.  The future is big.

And the label on this post?  Whattsa matter, I was ONLY KIDDING!  It's a joke!  Honestly, liberals have NO sense of humor.


  1. Color of Change does a real good job with organizing boycotts. I really admire the campaign they did against Glenn Beck (he lost 57 advertisers). I hope Color of Change takes on the Pig-Man himself, Limbaugh.
    However, part of me hopes that Limbaugh will continue to shoot off his mouth. He is doing damage to the GOP brand. He's already only preaching to the choir of his shrinking, nutty Kool-Aid-drinking audience, so he's not actually converting anyone over to the GOP side these days. On the other hand, he IS repelling a lot of people with his comments, which can only do ongoing damage to the Repukes.

  2. Rush could barely poop out his obviously forced apology..
    "sorry I chose those words"...

    like what he's really saying is I wish I could have just bashed & degraded YOU IN A DIFFERENT WAY that would have been more acceptable.


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