Thursday, August 30

It's the Night We've ALL Been Waiting For!

And no, I don't mean Mitt Romney night (who invited him?) but REAGAN TRIBUTE NIGHT at the RNC!!! Featuring Newt and Callista Gingrich! Yay!  Click images for larger:

take a drink every time Newt mentions a product sold by Gingrich Enterprises!

I feel sorry for Marcus Bachmann: He had such plans.


  1. Denny Smith1:42 PM

    Fine, as long as you don't fact check the hologram, or, god forbid, the corpse.

  2. Tom in Texas12:12 AM

    The only thing anyone will remember about tonight is the GOP's crazy old uncle who was apparently trying to tell the president to get off his lawn.

    ...And they were afraid of letting RON PAUL speak at the convention??? Wow. Note to GOP: letting any lunatic speak from a prepared script is better than letting a famous old guy ad lib to an empty chair. Just sayin'.

  3. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Ok, the Bachmann image was pure genius.

    I've noticed that others have suggested the same thoughts as your husband, that Clint Eastwood was going full Bagger in order to punk the RNC. If so, it would be legendary.


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