Wednesday, August 8

Remember those books where you looked for the guy in the red hat?

And were they willing to resort to the racism card and even own up to RomneyCare to CHANGE THE SUBJECT?

Rushbo's apoplectic fit actually helps you out, Mitt?

Just asking the QUESTION.


  1. ...anytime they, the Neocons, even say the word "Welfare" I know who the target audience is. Older White Folk who watch Fox News.

    It just makes me mad because being one of the white folk I know poor Pennsytuckey white folk amongst others collect more Welfare than the Colorful Folk. That's a fact Jack, that they fail to want to acknowledge apparently.

  2. The interesting thing is that is STILL the target audience. You'd have thought they would be secured by now. Three months to go and he's trying to secure his base?


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