Tuesday, August 14

The Florida Headline Kos Forgot to Publish

This past Sunday Daily Kos pointed to Florida newspaper headlines that spell trouble for the Romney/Ryan ticket.  Kos forgot one.  :D


  1. was that the Times-Pickaninny?

  2. Denny Smith5:24 AM

    Loved it!

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Sadly, living in Florida, I don't think anything short of Obama morphing into a cranky old white guy on camera will make the Cantankerous Fartknocker / Racist 'Bagger block vote for him. Too many people simply not vote for him either because he's a blaah person, or because Democrats hate America and want socialism. They will vote straight party Republican and just tell themselves it will all work out for the best in the end.

    Along those lines... a BOCC (board of county commissioners) candidate (both are R's)is the co-founder of the Tampa Tea Party. She wants to bring business by eliminating job-killing regulations. In specific, she wants to weaken or end zoning laws so that companies can build wherever they think is profitable. Unfortunately, her name is first, so she's probably going to get a lot of votes that way. Given that it took me longer to find BOCC candidate information that circuit court judge information (?!?), my only hope is that there are enough conservatives who don't want a woman in office to keep her out. The other guy is conservative, but wants to draw in tech companies, in part by bolstering the local university.


  4. Oy! Margie looks like shit half-toned; I hope her gal-friends don't see this.


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