Thursday, October 5

Dedicated to the GOP

After I saw KO tonight, and it was best ever, I think, I believe we should dedicate a lil' 90's number to the GOP. Concrete Blonde. "Everybody Knows." Seriously somebody should redo the song with current political images...

OH MAN! Youtube rocks! Somebody did it! Before the Foley bizness, but still.


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    That is awesome!!!

  2. Anonymous5:32 PM

    That's not the Concrete Blonde version, though. It's the original, by that Canadian guy who wrote it, and whose name I can never remember... it's way Judaic, and he's been around since the 60s.

    Gah! Who is that guy??

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I cannot for the life of me figure out who sang this version. Over an hour now looking! Anyone?

    Sweet nonetheless!

    Thank you, BG... :>)

  4. Oh sorry PM I did respond to qwerty's query but shoulda posted it here.

    Leonard Cohen. Look up "Everybody Knows" on wikipedia.

  5. Anonymous5:14 PM


    Yeah, Leonard Cohen is Jewish by birth.

    However, Cohen is now an ordained Buddhist monk.

    ~Beautiful Loser

  6. Anonymous2:37 PM


  7. Anonymous2:49 PM

    oh this is great! youtube is fantastic (well worth the purchase, google) but more importantly, whoever actually uploaded this gets an 'ok' in my book.


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