Tuesday, October 31

Lynne Cheney's clean hands patrol!

[Greetings and a tip of something tasty to the beautiful people coming here from Crooks and Liars. Doesn't Mike rock? Get your full-frontal Blue Gal here.]

Wolf Blitzer's interview with Second Lady Lynne Cheney last week, transcript courtesy of C&L:

BLITZER: ...there have been some cases where innocent people have been picked up, interrogated, held for long periods of time then simply said never mind, let go — they're let go.

CHENEY: Well, are you sure these people are innocent?

BLITZER: They're walking around free right now and nobody has arrested them.

CHENEY: You made a point last night of a man who had a bookstore in London where radical Islamists gathered who was in Afghanistan when the Taliban were there, who went to Pakistan. You know, I think that you might be a little careful before you declare this as a person with clean hands.

You know, I sleep better at night knowing that the wife of the Vice-President knows clean hands when she sees them.

"Smells like Teen Smegma."

"Surprisingly soft, and has the same scent
as my granny's musty old douche bag."

"It's uncanny how Lebanese dead-baby blood-stink...."

"...reminds me of Iraqi dead-baby blood-stink."

dick cheney
"Thank goodness Halliburton profits smell like rose petals!"

"And we know why he uses hand sanitizer on a regular basis."

abu grahib
"But you hung out in the wrong bookstore, chump."


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Like any mafia wife, these women know the extent of their husbands sins.

    Today, we in Asheville were supposed to get a visit from Laura Bush - who was to stump for Charles Taylor.

    The visit was supposed to start at 11:00 today.

    She came in at 9, spoke a few minutes, then scurried away.

    In other words, Laura was so scared of protesters reminding her that her husband is a murderer, that she can't even campaign properly.

  2. Isn't it lovely how these wingnuts think we need to be careful about labeling as innocent the people we have rendered or tortured and then found nothing to connect them to terrorism. But somehow they don't have to be careful in making sure we aren't doing this to innocent victims in the first place?

  3. What cracked me up was how shocked and hurt Wolf Blitzer was when he got a taste of what it's been like to be a Democrat for the last 6 years - having your patriotism impugned by a Cheney if you dare to disagree with one.

    Welcome to our world, Wolf! See how you like it.

  4. I must not think bad thoughts.

  5. Hey Blue Gal,

    If we do well on Tuesday (a week from now) will you join me in doing "The Elephant is Dead" routine from Bill Hicks?

    Only if we win back the House and the Senate, I mean.

    Here's hoping.

  6. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Well held, Me BlogMate. Well held.

  7. A coll, breezy read, this post. Well done.

  8. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Thanks for the blog there. I am an alumn from Phillips HS in B'ham. Though I no longer live in the south, it is wonderful to see that it isn't all full of "good 'ol boys." As a disabled vet who opposed going into the war (I was never convinced of the evidence of WMD, nor the connection of a secular Baathist party with Islamic terrorists) I have been having people attack me personally and calling me a coward.

    The cowards are the ones that, because of a bit of fear for their secutrity, will willingly surrender what it means to be an American and then wraps themselves up in patriotism. Heroism and bravery is facing the consequences of the wrath of a bully and not surrendering who you are because of fear.

    Thank you!

  9. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Wait; I'm confused. Which Charles Taylor are we talking about? Or are they the same?

    See Wikipedia

    Charles G. Taylor
    Former Liberian President; Taylor had extensive business dealings with televangelist Pat Robertson.

    Charles H. Taylor
    American politician; a Republican, he has represented North Carolina's 11th Congressional district


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