Sunday, February 17

Glenn Beck? You missed the most important thing!

Dear Glenn Beck:

We female left wing bloggers really love you. I read Crooks this afternoon, and it's like, free posts for a week!

So what if the last time you had an honest to god date musta been like, the Nixon administration.

I mean, you know, in addition to me being an ugly progressive who has no hope of going to heaven?

And I STILL wouldn't let you buy me a drink. Ever.

Yet, I can't buh-leeve you forgot that "and they're sluts" part, you playa you!


  1. Evidently, it's not enough that we've had to perform a little irrigation to remove a 'blockage' from Der Beckster's nethers...Now we have to surgically attach velcro to his forehead so that he can quickly slap his Gold Card on it to pooch a hot date?

    Roll on, universal healthcare


  2. Wait, wait...Beck dates pooches? I'm confused.

    This reminds me of that dreadful photo collection that makes the rounds all the time, the one that cherry-picks only the older, "not-exactly-classically-beautiful" women who happen to be Democrats and shows rather outdated photos of attractive conservative women (i.e Bo Derek when she made the movie 10, which was what, in 1980?) It's hilarious because it conveniently omits such progressive stunners as Scarlett Johannsen, Angelina Jolie, and on and on.

    Beck is an asshole. Apparently not even a functional one, either!

  3. "So what if the last time you had an honest to god date musta been like, the Nixon administration."
    Yeah, and that was with his hand!
    Good job, BG.
    --The F Man

  4. Anonymous1:54 AM

    To begin with, Beck is about as intellectually blind as a goddamn bat. He wouldn't know real beauty if it sat smack down on his ugly-assed face!
    You go Gal...........
    Dandy in Atl

  5. he is a nasty dangerous little toad because he looks so bland.

  6. I don't think it's too much to ask that a full half of our TV and radio pundits not be dumb frat boys.

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    One of the best Beckisms was something about penguins that shoot lasers from their eyes, maybe nuclear lasers.

    (I'm terribly analog, but I found the transcript after using The Google.)

    Really, after reading about Teh Penguinz, I could never take him seriously.

  8. Anonymous12:22 AM

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