Sunday, February 3

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day! Today is the day the small blogosphere celebrates itself by giving each other a little lurve. I'm going to pick just a couple bloggers to mention but in my ever expanding blogroll is over there (yeah every time I try to cull it down I wind up adding a few more because "oh wow they're good writers and they've been at this for a while now so yeah they should get a spot").

and Jon Swift are the honchos running this pony show.

So go visit fellow bloggers
after the bridge,
200 millionth weblog,
Polite Company, and
Carpe You Some Diem!.

Not to get all mushy here, but do you know how fucking great it is to be here in the blogosphere? Take a moment. Take it in. Today's the day. And thanks.

The graphic below is by Skippy, the one above is by Zencomix. Both have given permission to steal.


  1. I am now officially a culprit of this grand endevour. I think that you should blogroll Liberality, Left 'Toon Lane, and especially I Was Just Wondering (Jess Wundrun) because I know that she loves your blog and would love to be added to your blogroll. :o)

  2. Done, Zaius. And Jess Wundrun is a total oversight on my part, I thought that blog was already there. My bad.

  3. BG thanks for the luv!


  4. hi. thanks so much! ; )

    means a lot to me.

  5. Dig your site, Blue and I spread the love...

  6. blue gal, you are too humble; you helped a great deal this last week spreading the word, in fact i would consider you a partner in this endeavor, thanks for your help!

  7. Huckabee says, "Blogrolls are stealing our jobs - No amnesty for blogrolls!"

  8. I just want to say, for this year's BAD, I, as a progressive thinker and erotic culture activist and certified small fish, am grateful and promise that when I become a media juggernaut of erotic power and progressive political trends, will remember this day and those who reached out, clicked and linked for Solidarity!

  9. on my roll your blog goes now.

    happy b.a.d and may all your badness dreams come true,

  10. Nice linkys on your list, enjoyed every one of them! Thank you for all your good stuff Blue Gal! :-)

    I'll be out shoveling snow now....again....

  11. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Thanks for the reminder, Blue Gal. Naturally I couldn't limit myself to five and sent everyone to my current blogroll. I'm a libra and I believe that this is supposed to be expected.

  12. Thanks for the shout out to Sherry. I consider her family at this point!

    Loved your B.A.D. graphic too! I gotta remember to steal it next year.

  13. i feel the same way about you too.

    : )

  14. Hmm... I suppose this means I should learn how to use this glowing-box-machine before me, eh? Oh, dear.

    Well, for you it's worth it. Now where are my radium resistant gloves?

  15. Anonymous10:28 AM

    In honor of Blog Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at Please link mine to yours in return. Thank you!

    Rob Singleton


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