Friday, November 18

Ep 102 The Professional Left Podcast

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Occupy Cal floats tents over campus.

Verizon Building in NYC gets its own 99%er Bat Signal

David Brooks yearns for that old time religion?

David Gregory's wife is a former Fannie Mae executive?

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Thanks again Marlene at ZMac Consulting and  Heather at Crooks and Liars Video Cafe for their help. And don't forget you can listen to our archives for free with no downloads or registration at Professional Left. PS our listener Kevin H. made a podcast after dark video. Hilarious!


  1. Yes! The energy in this podcast was amazing!

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    That was pretty damned funny. I think I may have chortled, which I'd rather leave to the Car Guys.

    Thank God there were no witnesses.

  3. Anonymous8:57 PM

    You two ought to get married, it's that good! ;)


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