Tuesday, November 29

Is anyone else just completely disgusted at this point?

Reading RECENT articles about people shopping at WalMart at midnight on the first (which has been going on for years) and at exactly the same time the noon people on MSNBC were talking about NEWT FUCKWAD GINGRICH as if his candidacy is a real thing in the world. I broke down and cried for ten minutes. I have a real hate-love-hate thing with Chris Matthews, but dammit I owe Chris a thank you for saying what needs to be said at least on one day. I still expect Chris Matthews to fail us -- he'll cover this like a horse race no matter how big an asshole the horses are, for RATINGS. Look at how long he rode the Sarah Palin nag. I, too, am very very sad for our Republic.


  1. Completely disgusted at this point?

    I'm beyond that...I just got a 2nd passport!

    Any questions?

  2. We are legion, I have a feeling.

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM

    It may well be a classic example of a broken clock being right twice a day, but Mathews hit this nail on its Gorgon head. Gingrich makes angels cry and kittens run for cover.

    I hadn't realized until this election cycle that it was possible to be more ashamed of being an American than I was when I had to call Dubbya "Mr. President!"


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