Wednesday, November 30

More #Zappadan Art for Zappadan 2011

...Which starts on December 4.
Those are St. Alphonso pancakes and a real poncho, natch. :D And a reminder from here in 2009, "Some people say" that the Miracles of Zappadan stuff is a buncha hooey, but I disagree. During the first Zappadan in 2006, John Bolton resigned. Then the year after that, Sandy Underpants went to the registry of motor vehicles during Zappadan and got a new license plate with no lines, no waiting, and free donuts. Expect Miracles.


  1. Looking forward to celebrating Zappadan.. it is a tradition in our house! Awaiting the miracles...

  2. So if I don't find the money for the Dishnet bill and they shut off the TV and the kids don't watch all those ads for things I can't afford. Why then, I guess it will be another Zappadan Miracle! All Praise Zappadan.

  3. This is really awesome. I'm getting ready for the season as well. SUNDAY! It's so close!

  4. WHERE can I get a copy of Driftglass's work 'The 12 days of Zappadan" ?????


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