Friday, December 30

Hillary for Vice President?

I call bullshit. This is to remind everyone, particularly middle-aged "independent" women, that Hillary is in Obama's cabinet. Vice-President would be a huge demotion for her. She's seriously changing the world on a daily basis in her current job. Plus, she really likes to travel.

It's not likely she wants to preside over the Senate.  I mean, would you?



  1. Wellll - she does have more balls than those in leadership in the House & Senate: Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor....

    Not Ms Pelosi, however. No fucking way.

    Robert Reich is the first one I saw with this meme. Some folks oughta just stick with .... whatever. Making up drama.

  2. She's been saying for a few years now, in no uncertain terms, that she's never going to run for president again. I think the only reason she'd take the VP job is if that's BS and she plans on running in 2016.

    And I think that's possible...

  3. Fair enough "Blue Gal". I do agree that she is transforming state craft, advancing LGBT rights globally and doing more to advance the equality and interests of women and girls than she ever could as President or VPOTUS...but I am thinking about a set-up for a run for POTUS in 2016. That is why I would like her to be on the ticket.

  4. More twelve-dimensional pundit pablum. If the last years have taught us nothing else it is that the chasm between what's been said and what's been done has rarely been wider.

    Oh, and that we are the most easily snookered,suckered and mislead flock evah.

    At some point, constantly reacting to the distractions has to be recognized as playing their game; by their rules. Progress demands we stop taking their bait in favor of a new game with a whole new set of rules.

    Or I s'pose can you can keep shouting yourself hoarse calling bullshit.


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