Tuesday, December 13

I can't watch "Meet The Press" anymore. Ever.

"Reporting Newt's Controversies" is not the same as reporting the truth.  I'm too appalled for words.

Oh, here. Thanks Jon Stewart. After the stoopid ad, fast forward to about 3:20.


  1. Before you watched this BGal you could have wrote what he said.

    Over all it's the media that is the biggest terrorist. You can tell lies and if the media doesn't for what ever reason call them out that's what the masses then believe. It sucks. Lefty/no holds barred bloggers etc can't make a dent in this machine that does the bidding of the 1%.


  2. What does Jesse, err, I mean Ron, want?

  3. I've said it before.

    And never watch it.

    Amen, BG.

    Sunday morning is now for playing tennis!

    (Once I retire, of course.)

  4. Kucinich learned to dodge the bullshit questions by ignoring them-- when they asked him who he would endorese he would respond "This (other topic) is what I want to talk about."

    What pisses me off is the media saying you have to have X amount of % of the polled votes to participate in the debate. We dubbed this as being "Kuciniched" (last pres election, Nevada media invited, then uninvited him to a debate). Kucinich took it to court & won at the lower level. The media appealed to the State Supreme court, with the argument that "Freedom of the Press" means they can omit legit candidates from debates at their choosing.
    The media won the case.

    #1. Polls are skewed & inaccurate

    #2. This is the decision making phase, so by pre eliminating candidates, they are silencing a legit candidate's ability to speak.

    #3. Irks me that debates are largely not on the public airwaves. Guess it spares poor folks from having to listen to these jerk, or are they missing the fun of watching them self implode?

  5. Here's a fun clip:



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