Friday, December 23

Professional Left Podcast Ep 107

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Thanks again Marlene at ZMac Consulting and  Heather at Crooks and Liars Video Cafe for their help. And don't forget you can listen to our archives for free with no downloads or registration at Professional Left.


  1. Merry Christmas, Fran! :o)

  2. I'm all caught up on my listenings !, and am considering giving episodes second and third spins. I don't remember if I have mentioned this to you two, or merely meant to make mention, but I've been saving photos for a few years now at my Festertime blog-dealy. I just looked back at my posts from Nov. 6th,- 4th-ish, 2008. I invite you two to take a look too. The expressions on folk's faces are good medicine. PhotoShop-ers might find my site to be some kind of resource. triple-digit thanks, and Happy Everythings to you yourn.

  3. For whom should I vote in the Stephen Colbert Superpac (maybe!) S.C. Republican Primary? I'm leaning towards Ron Paul. Paul is racist and sexist, as you report in podcast 107. His economics are awful, but none of the other Republican candidates are better. (I don't know if Buddy Roemer is on the ballot here.) Paul is the best on sex and drugs liberty and, most importantly, he's the only major Republican candidate who is not eager to start a war with Iran. That, plus knowing that a good showing by Paul would most embarrass GOP bigwigs, is why I lean toward him. What do you think?


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