Tuesday, December 20

A Question I Haven't Heard Asked of Newt Gingrich

His affair with Callista lasted six years; and he also cheated on Wife Number One with Wife Number Two.  He was in Congress from 1979 to 1999.  Divorced Wife Number One in 1981.   You can say the past is past, but Newt Gingrich lied to his own constituents during re-election campaigns regularly.

How many "family values" campaigns did Newt Gingrich run in the Sixth District in Georgia while bopping a mistress?

By my rough count, he lied to his own constituents in that manner during at least four campaigns, possibly as many as six.

If Republicans want to forgive his affairs because he's too old to have one now, oh well.  But people who vote for Newt Gingrich are proving they don't mind voting for proven liars one little bit.  

I don't think Gingrich supporters want to beat Obama, nor do they have any interest in governing.  They want to beat up Obama, with a stick, and Newt is the meanest stick on the stage, the end.


  1. This man truly is the Wizard of Oz. He's a carnival seer who tells people just exactly what he thinks they want to hear. He fancies himself a great and powerful leader of a people that he knows full well he's bamboozling. And there is, indeed, always a great deal of hot air involved, where Newt's concerned.

    Sadly, whether the answer to your question is "all of them" or not, it doesn't seem to matter.

    Gingrich said it himself - "It doesn't matter what I do. There’s no one else who can say what I can say." Clearly, his followers believe he's the most well qualified to stick it to Obama. I suspect that if some of these folks thought Jerry Sandusky had the best shot at taking this President down, they'd probably manage a pass for him, too.

  2. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Liars are nothing without Rubes, and The Gingrinch has plenty of 'em.

  3. Or adulterers.

    Take that xtian majority!

    Love ya,


    people who vote for Newt Gingrich are proving they don't mind voting for proven liars one little bit.

  4. I thought he said he was too old to use his stick? At least he makes honest women out of all his strumpets. ;o)

  5. oh, there you go again, blue gal... being logical.

  6. No, see, you're not understanding the basic theory behind the Newticle: he's a lying sack of fuck who couldn't say anything openly human without forfeiting the lien on his soul.


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