Tuesday, March 20

National Review Online's BlogMother just keeps giving and giving.

I want to state for the record that I just love Katherine Jean Lopez, and not just with the "for the grace of God there go I" prayer I say every single time I hear about her. h/t WhiskeyFire, here she is defending Darryl Issa's panel.  PS. Honestly, Katie, Darryl Issa is not defending Darryl Issa's panel. You can give up now. But no:

Liberal Democratic women ask, “Where are the women?” — ignoring women who have publicly opposed the coercive mandate in hearings and letters and protests of various sorts. And, just for the record, there is yet another answer to their question: Women are in the pope’s prayers.

Yeah, I know exactly how the Pope's prayers for women are going, too.  Emphasis mine, from the best article on the Catholic abuse scandal ever written:

The idea that the Church authorities simply don’t understand what is going on was further emphasized when the Vatican last month [July 2010] outlined its opposition to the sexual abuse of minors by members of the clergy and to the ordination of women in the same document, and threatened greater punishment for those who got involved in the latter than in the former.

Too bad the Pope's*** prayers aren't doing much for National Review Online, who obviously would do well to repeat their threat of last spring:

***most of the commenters at Catholic.com say if you're talking about the specific fabulously shoe-d pontiff currently residing in Vatican City, it should be capitalized.  K-Lo,  I hope the POPE, CAPITAL P-O-P-E, is praying for you to get a new copy editor.


  1. I miss Florence King

  2. off topic-- but since you are a knitter, perhaps you can whip up a few of these..... i recall you having a lot of pink yarn....


    if you are not up for va jj knittin'

    you can let your women lovin' politician have updates re your lady parts


    if anything, I suspect they may have advanced knowledge re the douche bag.

  3. Tengrain left this comment that accidentally got un-published. -- BG

    OK, I read it, and I still don't get how she went from being outraged to it being a war on men. Go figure.

    But the real prizes are reading the comments. Honest to god, someone is comparing birth control to requiring Hindus to serve hamburgers.

    K-Lo is a prize.




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