Friday, July 20

Ep 137 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. God, Fran, I have to say: You guys are getting better and better. I was just thinking last week how good that Letters episode was. And how I was going to suggest you do a Letters episode once a week. (In addition to the regular show. ;-)

    But then I listened to your Friday show. Wow, just amazing stuff.

    You were wondering why your listenership is going through the roof. I have no idea. But here are some thoughts: Your listenership is rising because you guys do a damn good job; you're extremely interesting to listen to. You're funny. You're smart. And you make a hell of a lot more sense than almost everyone else.

    Whatever the reason, it's great to know more people are hearing your voices. Thanks for everything you do.

  2. Reflections inspired in part by your most recent podcast:

  3. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Hi don't know if you know this bluegal but here in the UK guns are very rare .i am 56 years old and have only seen a real gun probably four times in my life always carried by a police officer i remember being shocked at this .It will probably blow your mind but following two incidents at hungerford and dunblane first asault or automatic weapons and then handguns were banned in both instances they were banned under conservative leaders ,Thatcher (that's the bit that's mind-blowing ) and then John Major (Not as rabid as Thatcher but still very right wing) there was no real outcry apart from a few gun clubs the overwhelming feeling is grown ups who want play with guns are a bit weird sort of like nazi re-enactors and should be avoided .Yes criminals and terrorists still get hold of guns but crazy people don't

    Keep up the good work

    Bobby Mac

  4. My brother has been a very successful lawyer for many years, and he says it was the character Atticus Finch who inspired him to become a lawyer.


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