Sunday, July 29

The Chick fil A Palin thing

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Oh, and this is not about bullying the right wing or free speech, either.  It's about right and wrong, and stamping out prejudice.  It's time for the US of A to acknowledge that whatever orientation people are born with is none of Chick fil A's business.    Anyone complaining that good Christians are being bullied has completely forgotten their savior's end* AND his message of love, forgiveness, and FOCUS on what really matters.  

* He was crucified, remember?  But you want to be in control of the GOVERNMENT and not suffer for 'conscience'?  Plus it's a God-given right to hate your neighbor?  Jesus is coming back to deal with you fucking Pharisees, and by the way, he looks exactly like a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Assholes! 


  1. "he looks exactly like a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Assholes!"

    Ironic, innit? These idiots never get that.

  2. Kelly8:23 AM

    "he looks exactly like a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Assholes!"
    Exactly! That line almost made me spit coffee all over my laptop!
    Thanks for making this liberal Catholic woman feel less alone among the Pharisees.

  3. Okie Liberal, regular guy9:08 AM

    While I agree that the Chick-Fil-A guy is a fundie bigot (if that's not a redundancy)I think Rahm Emmanuel and Bloomberg's reaction to it is a totalitarian overreach that will give credence to the odious ACLJ types whinging about persecution, and allow them to further their own peculiar interpretation of church/state separation.

    Jonah Goldberg couldn't have written a better script for Liberal Fascism.

  4. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Anonymous posting! Yay!!!

    One of my favorite quotes, from a cartoon: "Actually, he was crucified the Romans, so you you really should be hating the Italians. You realize that, right?"

    The "poor persecuted Christians" mentality works so well for them because they believe so strongly that God wants their dominion over everything and everyone. As I've said for decades, "Christian fundamentalists are a a people that, when you hedge their ability to summarily remove other people's rights, they start to shriek and wail about persecution." If you hedge what they see as their birthright, you are attacking them and their religion and God.

    Also, if you know any older GLBT people, you may know that the religious right started this crap in the early 90's because of MARKETING. At that time there was a push for nondiscrimination ordinances in many cities, which they fought viciously. Polling came out that people were starting to side with the gay & lesbian community because the public felt like they were being viciously attacked. So, the religious right responded to the polling with marketing, flipping the message and loudly proclaiming that *they* were the viciously persecuted minority, and trying to insist that 30% of the population were under the savage heel of what they claimed to be 0.5% of the population. I even remember when, over a one-month period, you would suddenly not go a day without seeing the bumper sticker "Christians: The Last Legally Persecuted Minority."


  5. I ate at a Chik-Fil-A once when I was visiting friends in Texas. It is BAD fast food. Their ad campaign was cute, all about how cows want to send you to Chik-Fil-A for a chicken sandwich instead of to a hamburger joint, where you would presumably eat beef (cows wouldn't like that--get it? Ha-ha.) and I fell for it. I'm sorry, my bad, and my error. I certainly won't do t again, especially since I now see what kind of hateful B-I-G-O-T-S own this bidness. ("Bidness" is Texas for business.)

  6. Chick-Fil-A ripped off their marketing "Eat More Chikin" from the Abita Stumps and their "Eat More Possum" logo...

  7. their chicken biscuits aint bad, but they only serve them at breakfast. bojangles is better, and you can get breakfast all day.


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