Friday, July 27

Ep 138 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. About your point that Rmoney is a fundamentally flawed human being: it's truly amazing that Rmoney will talk about what a great job he did with the 2002 Olympics, then go to London and say, "aw, the Olympics aren't all that important, I'm heading to Israel."

  2. I was so happy to hear that my favorite radio interviewer got props on The Professional Left for calling Tom Friedman on his BS. I remember listening to that show and hearing the part where Hill 'dared' to ask about the elephant sitting in the interview room with her. Sadly, I wasn't as astute as Driftglass' commenter who thought to forward you the interview.

    As you note, part of it has to be with her being outside the Washington DC and US bubble, but it also is because she's just a wonderful, direct, inquisitive interviewer. So let's mention her name, why don't we? ;) It's Kim Hill over at New Zealand Radio National and I've listened to her Saturday Mornings show religiously ever since I stumbled upon her. I highly recommend anyone out there making her as regular a presence in your podplayer alongside The Professional Left.


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