Wednesday, September 12

A little close to my home, @Willatwork

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Below is an old gif, currently @willatwork 's avatar on twitter, but it's also creepily close to what my husband looked like when Mark Helperin Halperin (thanks commenters) said "both sides" on Hardball in response to today's Romney Fail.


PS It's okay Reince. You only have Fifty Eight More Days of This. Then they'll fire you. But never, ever Mark Halperin.


  1. Well. Nothing MH says is worth any blood.
    But if you're going to listen to anything he said on this, I'd settle for "Craven and ill-advised."

  2. What a hoot! I can imagine Driftglass beating the hell out of those computer keys. However, I cringe because I used that same phrase on FB once...before I discovered your podcast and realized the absurdity of the statement. At the time, I was trying not to stir the backlash of my Religious Right FB friends and be bombarded with links to Fox.

    1. They are not friends Yvonne if they do not allow you your opinion.

      This is the perfect example of what DG talks about.

  3. That would be Halperin not Helperin. There is an author named Mark Helprin, and while he is a winger and a Zionist, he did write one book (called "Winter's Tale") that I really enjoyed once upon a time. So I don't want him getting confused with a worthless hack like Halperin.

    -Doug in Oakland

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Halperin. With an "a."

  5. That both sides dollar, oh yeah, that's a good dollar!

  6. Oh my god. I was home sick yesterday watching Hardball and saw that idiot blather on and knew by god that before he was through he was going to say those words "both sides do it." I kid you not thought immediately of Driftglass. Why on earth that moron is on the air escapes me.

  7. @Robin: Because the road to hell is paved as the path of least resistance, and remember there's a circle there reserved just for Flatterers!

  8. Poor Drifty.
    He has been railing against that centrist bullshit for years now.
    Just throw a soft pillow on the keyboard until it passes.


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