Friday, September 28

Ep 147 The Professional Left Podcast -- corrected

by Shira Glezerman  

Links for this week's episode:

The 1001 Burkean Nights of David Brooks.

George Soros shakes out the sofa cushions.

The madness of Bay Buchanan.

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  1. Hey, just to let you know, there's about a minute of silence at the beginning of this week's podcast - from about 0:20 to 1:14. (Downloaded via iTunes.)

  2. No more 1890's America? Shh! Nobody tell my Arizona "friends", they tend to be a touchy lot!

  3. Oh my, BG, have you seen this yet?

  4. Well, Blue Gal, do you still think Romney "doesn't want to be president?" Still think the "election is over" and "in the bag" for Obama?


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