Tuesday, September 18

A Note on Neocons and "Anti-Semites"

Sweet Kosher Crackers Maureen Dowd and a certain blogger I sleep with have both been dragged through a "you're being an anti-Semite" stew just because they noticed that Romney has surrounded himself with Neocons from the George W. Bush administration.

 Listen up, Republican Party people, it's not our fault that so many of those same Neocons who worked for Bush and want back in the White House under Romney (and really, what the hell?) are Jews of a certain generation and political stripe. (OOH! She said stripe! That's obviously a holocaust prison camp uniform reference! She's an anti-Semite!)

Paul Wolfowicz's World Bank Scandal happened after he and his not-to-be-named ethnicity Neocon Club got us into a war that made him, the Vice President (Jewish? I don't think so), and many others rich. They did it for money and to please their own brand of theocracy. (Anti-Semite reference to Jews and money, oh my G-d!!!)

This Brandeis graduate (Affirmative Action, bitchez!) has faced greater sieges from stupid self-serving bullies who-just-so-happened-to-be-Jews than you could ever know. And if anyone attempts to deflect criticism of the worst foreign policy in the history of America --by calling any critic of that policy and the ASSHOLES who put it into practice-- an anti-Semite, a holocaust denier, a Nazi, an enemy of peace (yeah THAT one), in any way, I gotta big bag of kosher candy hearts for ya right here:

The first box is for you, John Bolton. And may God have mercy on your soul.


  1. denny smith9:50 AM

    It matters not. The cynical rapaciousness of human evil is not moved by appeals to shame or conscience. And why should it?-- there's no profit to be had in it.

  2. Entirely against the Jewish traditions of the rule of law, academic scholarship and the massive contribution to the whole family of humankind:


    ...is the supposition that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism. The whole of Jewish Tradition is repelled.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I used to have an ultra-right wing JDF / Kahanist nutflake commenting on my blog, calling me "Erav Rav" (sort of an evil pretend Jew, more concerned with worldly gain than the Jews as a people) for much the same reason.
    As an atheist who only parted company with Hitchens over Iraq, I considered it a compliment.
    Of course, as you well know, when such detestable sorts resort to tagging you an anti-Semite, you've won the argument.

    That said, this issue of religion (esp, in American politics, not to mention the Middle East...and every damn place else) keeps raising its ugly head, whether covered by a yarmulke or not.
    I am convinced that whatever small comforts such myths and lies may offer to suffering and oppressed people, the harm they inflict by their very nature and quality are far greater and we would be better off rid of it.

    "Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest." - Emile Zola

  4. What? You dared criticize John Bolton? You're obviously biased against large white pussy-duster 'staches.

    Which reminds me, what's a sexual jihadist and how did you get to be one? Does it require special training?

  5. StonyPillow6:43 PM

    This is what they got when they ain't got nuthin.

  6. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Aw, c'mon, 'Gal, don't hold back... tell us what you really think!

  7. The great thing is you can be an anti-Semite or a self-hating Jew! Everyone's covered!

    Unfortunately, this is an old dodge by the neocons - who occasionally claim they don't like the term "neocon," even though they've used it frequently in their own materials. Yes, how dare you criticize Bolton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and those happily led by the neocons such as Bush and Palin... If only they could be convinced to buy into that concept of Atonement.

    1. Technically every descendent of Shem is a Semite, right? Merriam-Webster:

      Definition of SEMITE
      a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs
      b : a descendant of these peoples

      So Arabs who hate Jews are Anti-Semites. But at the same time, Jews who hate Arabs are also Anti-Semites.

  8. Oh man! I LOVE you for this post! My thoughts exactly. I'm sick of the vast, deep, sick prohibition on criticizing Jews. There! I said it. It is so out of hand that it feels offensive just using the word "Jews". Enough of this! Jews are NOT above criticism anymore than Muslims, Christians or the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS. American freedom includes freedom FROM religion. I claim it!

    1. Anonymous1:15 AM

      Well, the one thing you can say about Jews (as far the religion goes): They'll never come knocking on your door trying to convert you. If you want to join up, you have to ask...and you'll likely be told to go think about it some more and come back in six months if you're certain. Insofar as being free from religion, they make it pretty easy.

  9. Man, why do you hate fearmongering, war-profiteering neo-McCarthyist Jews so much?


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