Thursday, September 20

I don't always post about Rush Limbaugh, but when I do...

...and he's talking in specific, measurable terms about US penises getting smaller, I just figure he oughtta know.


  1. I don't always post about Rush Limbaugh, but when I do... I like to point out that he was supposed to move to Costa Rica!

  2. He's on his 4th or 5th wife now, right?

    1. Our boy Rush is on a helluva lot more than that!

  3. This is just some of Rush's "comedy", you know, the "satire" that he's so famous for. The height of 8th grade wit!

  4. Oxycontin makes Mr. Happy have a sad n' shorty...who knew? Perhaps yet another topical Photoshop using this posterboy for well-heeled and severely conflicted loudmouth sociopaths can help the youth of today make the right choice.


  5. Doop de doo.... waitin' for the podcast.

    This is a fine time of the week. Done with work, the whole weekend ahead, and knowing that another DG & BG podcast is going to be issued any moment. It's kind of like that happy feeling when you're winding your way through the line at the movies, looking forward to getting in and sitting down to enjoy the show.

  6. Anonymous10:19 PM

    I spent the last two days in the Northeastern Red Zone, the mountains of upper New York State, and it was like a trip to West Virginia, only cheaper on gas. I "got to" listen to a day of AM Radio, including Rush Limp-Baugh, Sean Hannity and Dan (Weener, Whiner, how DO you pronounce his real name?) "Savage," all of whom lied through their teeth and had long lines of Caller-Swallowers eager to take those lies into the stratosphere of ridiculosity.

    These Talking Assholes aren't just "entertainment," they're the fomenters of the fear and hatred which permeates the "Right."

    I'm not an advocate of censoring these people; rather, I suggest that EVERY PROGRESSIVE take a deep breath and tune in to what the Radical Reicht is saying. We can't respond without unfiltered, first-hand information about what our adversaries believe.

    And to those who "tried to listen but just can't stomach it," TRY HARDER. Your children are counting on you to have more spine than that.

  7. If you're not familiar with it, you gotta listen to David Rovics' "Alligator Song." It's on his album "Live from Club Passim." Listen to the intro as well as the track, BTW. And then buy the album, of course. :-) We need to support creative people. You know, like BlueGal and Driftglass!


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