Monday, May 14

A 30 second spot you should watch.

The reason Fidelity feels they can't divest from genocide is because that would mean divesting large holdings from China. China is an international scourge on so many levels. “They’re too big a market to be held accountable to international standards” is a sick testimony to Western greed. That and Wal Mart. Oh, wait. That’s cheap junk from China, isn’t it?

Look at her. Just look at her face.

h/t Quakerdave, who would like as many of you as possible to post this vid to your blogs.

Here are instructions I posted last September on how to post a Youtube to your blog, if you need instructions.

And you'll need to go to the youtube page for this video to get the code, which is here.



  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    How hideously and utterly obscene that these monsters feel free to come right out and say it:

    We don't care how many hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being butchered, as long as we can turn a handsome profit off of it.

    Thanks for the "heads up." I hope this costs them PLENTY.

  2. Good on ya. I posted an Action Alert on this awhile ago for people to sign the petition available at this url:


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