Friday, May 11

Okay, I'm totally grovelling.

Do you realize that before today I did not have Largest Minority on my blogroll? Jesu Christi, how did that get by me? Where have I been? I am so sorry, Manila.

Oh man, and when you see what a stud muffin this guy is, and he's all that sensitive liberal type and for Kucinich and shit, oh man. I'm in trouble.

Well, at least I sent him a button and a bag (watch to the end of this (informative, btw) vid for the payoff.)



  1. Yeah I am a pretty awesome and sensitive stud muffin, but you forgot to say how modest I am too.

    That plastic bag is really great by the way. My 2-year-old niece just loves playing with it.

  2. Anonymous8:58 PM

    It's amazin' what a feller kin do with a 'puterbox!

    ...Like spreading great ideas and connecting with people to make a difference. Great going, John Jacob J. And once again, Gal, thanks for the intro! Because of you, I don't need no steenking Discovery Channel.

  3. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Yeah, I can see that the line
    "using humor as my lubricant"

    would really get under your (ahem) skin, BG.

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Hey, he looks like he could be my brother!

    Must say, BG, that your taste in men remains consistent :)

  5. You're right, Doug and akabini. I like 'em smart and funny...

  6. You've also overlooked Heraldblog, my dear.


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