Friday, May 11

Okay, I'm totally grovelling.

Do you realize that before today I did not have Largest Minority on my blogroll? Jesu Christi, how did that get by me? Where have I been? I am so sorry, Manila.

Oh man, and when you see what a stud muffin this guy is, and he's all that sensitive liberal type and for Kucinich and shit, oh man. I'm in trouble.

Well, at least I sent him a button and a bag (watch to the end of this (informative, btw) vid for the payoff.)



  1. Yeah I am a pretty awesome and sensitive stud muffin, but you forgot to say how modest I am too.

    That plastic bag is really great by the way. My 2-year-old niece just loves playing with it.

  2. TheCunningRunt8:58 PM

    It's amazin' what a feller kin do with a 'puterbox!

    ...Like spreading great ideas and connecting with people to make a difference. Great going, John Jacob J. And once again, Gal, thanks for the intro! Because of you, I don't need no steenking Discovery Channel.

  3. akabini11:00 PM

    Yeah, I can see that the line
    "using humor as my lubricant"

    would really get under your (ahem) skin, BG.

  4. Hey, he looks like he could be my brother!

    Must say, BG, that your taste in men remains consistent :)

  5. You're right, Doug and akabini. I like 'em smart and funny...

  6. You've also overlooked Heraldblog, my dear.


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