Tuesday, May 8

Mash-up of the day

Novasik at YouTube changed out the original song in this 60's Beatles cartoon. I don't know what the original was, and I don't care. This one works best:

I've got two meetings and my four year old's first piano recital (Yankee Doodle will never be the same, trust me) so I won't be around much today. Take it easy.


  1. Oh man, I used to watch the Beatles cartoon religiously on Saturday mornings, in probably 1965. I remember "Honey Don't" the best. This is fun.

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Yankee Doodle?! Oh, man! I had to do the Minuet in G. I hate it to this very day.



  3. Was never a Beetles fan until now!

  4. They made cartoons out of everything back then.

    I couldn't get the sound to play!

  5. Anonymous6:02 PM

    No changing out - that's the original version, but since I lived through the 60s, I can't remember which album it came from - I think "Revolver" but don't call me on that!

  6. Wow. Pretty odd. There are some weird old Beatles lyrics books, too, but... Can William Donohue come out and denounce Hollywood for promoting leprechaun sex (or leprechaun group sex!)? Please? That'd be awesome.

    baraka said...

    The song's from "The White Album" in '68. I didn't think the series ran that long, but apparently it was 1965-1969. Didn't know that one!


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