Tuesday, May 29

A question of great theological import...

I like it when I find an unusual pair of "panties" on the web and someone has already been there and asked "What would Jesus say if he came back and saw that?"

Dude, I don't think Jesus would be hanging out at Sundance, man.


  1. Jesus would be too busy in DC kicking some holy ass. First ass he would kick would belong to the decider guy!

  2. Jesus might wonder why that guinea pig is gnawing on that poor guy's jock strap...

    Geez, looking at that really makes me... uncomfortable...

  3. i think dave's right. the first thing i thought of was some small toothy rodent had attacked an underwear model!

  4. I think Jesus would correct you - cause he's perfect and all - and tell you that was a jockstrap and not panties.

    I hear he's persnickety that way.

  5. Anonymous6:30 PM

    All that's missing is a set of horns.

    And thanks for the tip to Mike, BG.

  6. I think I'm blind now!

  7. I think Jesus would say... "Wow! Let me try those on..."

  8. Anonymous10:27 PM

    He might say, "Let my pee-pole go!"

    ...oh, that was Black Elk?...

  9. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Pee-Ess, that much elastic is only relevant if there's a hernia in the house!

  10. Anonymous11:23 PM

    "...but you said you wanted a little head."

  11. Tengrain you crack me up!


  12. Holy crap! I'm confused. Is it Jesus' jockstrap? Is it on display at the Creation Museum?

    Man. I haven't visited in a while, Blue Gal, and, when I finally get the time to visit, I'm greeted by a JJ...

    That might make a good slogan for a a peace awareness fund raiser- Jockstraps for Jesus.

    If it is indeed Jesus' Jock then all those stories we read about Jesus' hanging out with "the people" can't be true.

  13. Blue...I really can't tell if they are boy panties or girl panties....

  14. Keepin' your Johnson warm and cozy leads to infertility. I think the holy-rollers would definitely declare this an abomination.

  15. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Jesus' cup runneth over.

    (dude, waxing is okay for guys. no rule against messiah metrosexuals, ya know)


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