Wednesday, May 23

We interrupt this blog...

...for a brief knitting post.

Bought some new knitting needles yesterday. To knit socks, because I NEED to knit this summer and socks are very portable.

My new needles are...politically correct, natch:

Introducing Blue Sky Five Inch Double Points. Sets of five petite wooden needles come in a gorgeous collectible tin. Surina wood is from the Lal Kohla (Elegant Tree) in India. Highly trained and skilled artisans craft this strong, lightweight, flexible wood into exceptional knitting needles. A lustrous polish is given to the smooth wood, enhancing the superb grain without the use of any harmful chemicals.

[note from BG: The label on the collectible tin (looks like a cigar and I can't wait to see what Homeland Security says, aw hell I'm gonna check the tin.) says, "Made in India by people who are treated well and fairly."]

Which is why five long toothpicks cost, oh nevermind. Worth every penny. And what else would I use for socks I'm knitting instead of blogging, anyway?

I have no idea whose feet they are I found them on flickr but the socks will be in this same yarn. No it's not organic wool. Sue me.

Update: here's what the little cigar holder knitting needle things look like. Mine are size 1. That means they are 2.25 millimeters in diameter. Yes, I like them. Yes, I'm an insane yarn geek. Again, you could sue me, but I'm part of a very large defendant class.


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    My ex-husband would have reminded you that factoring in the cost of the needles, the yarn and your time, the socks will cost you $128.00 a piece.

    Of course now you know why he is my ex-husband.

    I, too, am a summer sock knitter. Who would want to knit a cabled sweater at the swimming pool?

  2. Heh, God bless the Google. LOVE that tin. I have this thing about collecting tins.

    I'm of the mind that if God wanted me to knit socks he wouldn't have put them in little bags at Target.

  3. Jess, I made the same calculation and figured out that every pair I knit comes to just over $600.

    It delights me to no end - and when I give a pair to my husband, he walks prouder for knowing how much effort was put into it. Which is why he's is my husband.

    (Another summer knitting project for me: toys and baby clothes... ...for the sweetest niece in the world. Toys in cotton. Clothes... heirloom-quality wool, 'cause my sister in law will appreciate 'em. I'm blessed, I am!)

  4. what a mem that brings back. my maw used to knit me a new pair o wool socks and i got them for christmas. she used to put fishin line into the heels and toes somehow cause she said our father n us sharpened our toes and ripped out the heels. i have one pair left that i only waer occasionally these days. i'll never get another pair. maybe i'll dig them out and wear them this memorial day. thanx for the stir. b

  5. Oh, dear! Could you knit my brow for me, Blue Gal? It seems to have come unraveled.

  6. I can't find any indication of whether the Lal Kohla trees are being sustainably harvested or are endangered. Exotic woods sometimes are not a good choice for those concerned about their effects on the global environment. But maybe this one is ok.

    BTW, why doesn't the word verification stick when I hit preview? At least the letters are legible, though. :)

  7. Ooh, ooh, I WANT that tin. Did you check them? Or live dangerously?

    In my wider-traveling sailing days I used to sit on the foredeck in 98 degree, 98% humidty carribean heat and knit sweaters. My shipmates all thought I was insane. But on long passages I had TIME, and in the winter I had sweaters. Captain of said vessels is now the ex-boyfriend. 'nuff said.


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