Thursday, May 17

The promised impeachment podcast

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This podcast is approximately twelve minutes long. (good tip, Shunra)

Links I mention:

GQ Magazine
Herbert P. Bix**, "Americans should fight for impeachment of Bush, Cheney"
Cernig/Newshog: "Pressuring Dems on Presidential Powers"

working on an RSS feed for this. Watch this space. [I think there are times in this recording where I call Bix, Dix by accident. Sorry.


  1. Lovely podcast.

    May I ask for a statement of length? If I know it's five minutes or eleven, I can better fit it into my day...


  2. Just checked - it doesn't play with Macs.



  3. You're exactly right. Races are won with personality, not politics. If a politician is forced into talking politics then they've lost.

    If the Democrats cared anymore about the Constitution than the Republicans, Bush and Cheney would've been out on their asses by now. This is bigger than just one man, and people seem to overlook that. This is about who we are as a country, and fighting to retain that. If Bush and Cheney aren't deserving of impeachment then why do we even have it in the Constitution? We might as well put white-out over the parts we're not using anymore. We think that democracy is something that only happens once every four years.

  4. Tengrain I'll work on that mac thing. If you click on "track details" can you listen from the esnips site?

    May have to use Juice, a cross-platform site. Also very mixed up about attaching the RSS feed to a podcast.

  5. TheCunningRunt10:01 PM

    'Gal, I'm with you 1000%. It's time for We The Friggin' People to take back the wheel of this foundering ship of state.

    I'm sad to say that ALL the pols aspiring to the Big Chair seem to be eying the Power Ball of Politics, the Unitary Executive concept. And while they rail against bush, they skate around this concept, knowing that it might serve them if they assume the throne.

    WE need to end this bullshit, because nobody else will.

    And Sweetie, your podcast is the bestest in the land. I'm So pleased to see how much more you can include/convey in a short time by voice rather than by the writen word... very cool!

    And at the risk of deserving a good spanking, I have to say that your voice is pure heaven, a gift worthy of being paid forward. I'll be spreading your url all over creation while you do the heavy lifting.

    Thanks for being there.

  6. Very nice. I wouldn't change a thing.


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