Monday, May 21

Salon tonight...

Live chat with Blue Gal and people even more interesting than she is tonight at 9:30 Eastern.

Since we had a problem getting everyone into the same chat room last week, I'll post the link here at this spot sometime early this evening (way before 9:30 in case anyone wants to be fashionably early).

Salon is here. I'll be there at 9:30 eastern.

If you still need to download Skype (remember it doesn't require any headphones or anything special, just typing) you can download the software here.

I'm off to buy new walking shoes. This summer I'm going to make the outside of me look like I feel inside: strong and powerful. Though I mus' say the NSFW 1/6 scale doll that kinky artist made obviously using my body measurements looks pretty good. I could have done without the platform shoes and whip, though. Note: I said NSFW.


  1. I already know my SO wants one! LOL

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    You meet someone in person and you think you know them. But, the nipple rings? I never guessed!

  3. hubba hubba!

    Evil Spock needs to make these chats! Heroes season finale is tonight, so maybe Evil Spock can pop in afterwards.

  4. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Gee, BG, that was fun. I did not know you could say *that* over Skype!




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