Thursday, May 3

I'm in.

This is not about "I told you so." But he did. Notice he voted against the Patriot Act too.


  1. Why is it that I can't take seriously the guy who is perhaps the most serious candidate of the bunch? I mean even Jon Stewart riffs on his height.

  2. i have read conflicting things about his stance on abortion. do you have any info on that?

  3. NotSoccer Mom: He's conflicted. He's from Ohio, too. That accounts for part of it.

    I don't think he wants to overturn Roe though and I certainly don't think he's going to be worse for the future of the Supreme Court than what we've got.

  4. He is suqarely on the side of letting women make choices about their bodies and he opposes any attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade.

  5. "Why is it that I can't take seriously the guy who is perhaps the most serious candidate of the bunch?"


  6. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Ron, before I read the comments, I was listening to the clip and thinking, "YES!!! ...why can't this guy be TALLER?" 'Cause as a Runt, I know that some overwhelming percentage of Americans wants to vote for President Adonis, and Dennis the Mennace ain't it.

    It makes me sick and sad and sorry that television was ever invented, because if you close your eyes and listen to him, you hear a leader with vision, integrety and GUTS.

    Special K gets my vote. Period.

  7. Sorry... Yet another "bleeding heart liberal" here that will NOT vote for the guy. It's not 'shortness' although he's really short. It's not the fact that he sorta looks like a gnome, although he sorta does look like that. It's not the way he keeps harping on the anti-war stance, although... He's never really seemed to stand for anything the past few years 'except' getting us out of the war.

    Look... The guy can speak. He can lead us lefties 'against the administration' or whatever. But there's no way a guy like him will win a primary let alone a general election.

    And his name sounds too much like a sneeze.

    Sorry fellow lefties...

    -- Tuckmac


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