Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day

meanest mommy song...

You may or may not remember my "Meanest Mommy" song the lyrics of which I posted last year. I tried to record it this morning and 3yo just kept shouting her favorite word so we didn't get a really good recording, ha. My sultry voice is compromised by the fact I was ready to crack up the entire time I sang this chorus. (Subsequent verses are sung to the same tune.)

It IS a political song but it's a political song from 2000. Yeah several of the particulars in the song are dead now, and I really did think long and hard about replacing "Saddam Hussein" with "Phyllis Schlafly" but somehow I thought it best to keep the song in its original historic context.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Happy Mothers' Day, you meanie!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!


  3. love it! happy day to you.

  4. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Isn't this better than vlogging? This preserves your privacy (more important in Alabama than you might realize), but we can also download .mp3s and throw it on the iPod for later listening. Just sayin'.

    By the way, happy Mothers' Day, BlueGal. I hope you got a good foot rub from Mr. BG.

  5. Ha! That song is great, but you haven't met my mom, so your title is quite dubious.

    Happy Mother's Day to the second meanest mommy in the world!

  6. That song has been a mainstay of my self-cheering routine since I heard you sing it, ever so sweetly, in the summer twilight last year.

    And testimony: I watched your wee daughter fall asleep, safely cradled in the arms of that self-proclaimed meanster. She seemed quite happy and safe...

  7. oh i laughed, sounded like my little granddaughter, she'll be 3 at the end of the month. : )

  8. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I think "Little Miss 3" shot straight past 'shouting' and landed square in SHRIEKING.

    Too fab.

    Can't WAIT to be in the same room with her!
    (and you, natch)


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