Friday, May 25

Stuff you knew, stuff you didn't...

I love the team at Crooks and Liars. But you knew that.

Nicole Belle asked me to do Late Night Music Club there last night, basically cross-posting my Dylan post. What an honor. Not because they're a popular blog (duh) but because they're great people. Great.

I've been meaning to let you all know that for part of the summer I'll be doing the blog round up over there (partnering with Batocchio of Vagabond Scholar) while Mike is

touring Europe
with Joe Cocker

and OMG you MUST check out the tour's website. Joe was put on this planet to sing "Don't Give Up On Me." (on the BG mix please, just saying.) And Mike backing up on Hammond Organ. Yeah, my NON-html panties get tossed onto the stage at that point, too.

I mean, please. Tell me YOUR panties are the same after listening to this:


  1. Holy crap! I listened to it and now my panties have turned into a small Vietnamese boy. Damn you Blue Gal!!!

  2. my fav is cocker singing "just like a woman"

    just makes me feel all sorts of emotions, some good, some bad, but stronger than i would experience them, without his singing.

  3. If you like Cocker, you'd like the 1960s/70s band Family, featuring the inimitable Roger Chapman.

  4. Wow. Good things happening to good people. Amazing. Nice to see.

  5. Joe is a fucking god! A big, fat, sweaty, balding, stubbly-faced god. Buddha would have loved it!

  6. Ahhhh, the Hammond B3 brings back memories of my high school days playing in the house band at a gay bar.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that...

  7. The B3, eh, OP? I loves me some o' that thang. Dig some Barbara D as a nightcap!

  8. "Joe is a fucking god! A big, fat, sweaty, balding, stubbly-faced god"

    i couldn't have put it any better!


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