Monday, May 14

Salon-a-monna-bon-bon 2 nite.

Okay so thanks to Doctor Zaius I never have to search for some fancy interior decorator shot again. Above is the official Blue Gal Salon image.

Yes it's Monday again and it's tonight at 9:30 eastern. I'll only be there for an hour; my 3yo reacted to her new found fame by bouncing on the bed at 3:45 am. Mommy is tired.

But she looks fabulous surrounded by intelligent people discussing everything from great beer to left-wing politics.

If you've never been before, it's not too late to stop by. You don't need a microphone or anything. Just download skype here.

Then click on this link here.

See you tonight, dahlinks.



  1. That image is awesome.

  2. just downloaded skype and signed in. thought for sure i'd screw up somehow. we'll see i guess. i'll try to come back at 9:30. : )

  3. TheCunningRunt3:47 PM

    Dahlink, you look mahvelous! I'll try to stop by. Will voice be enabled for those with mics? Just picked one up for the occasion!

  4. Looks great, Blue. I downloaded a (trying to think of the correct term for "shitload") lot of great pics for my lil' site. If you're ever stuck for a new one, drop me a line and I'll see what I'm willing to share. I'll have to look through and cull out a few that would go well with Blue.

    As for the Salon, does this involve actually speaking? With voices? That might be too scary for me. I prefer the voiceless anonymity of the keyboard lest my Philly-area accent tell the truth about me.

    Have fun!

  5. Anonymous4:57 PM


    Need cold shower and my shirk.


  6. Regrets, Blue Gal, I'm having a Board of Director's meeting tonight 6:30 PT -- and no, I'm not some high-powered Captain of Industry nor someone whose blood will run ankle deep in the gutters once the revolution starts; this is my neighborhood association meeting. I think we are discussing the pros and cons of speedbumps.

    Wish I could be with you in the Salon (or the saloon),


  7. TheCunningRunt10:35 PM

    Well, it's quarter o' t'marry here in th' East, an' I just got me pirate lesson from The Cap'n and the Good Doctor. Was lucky t' dodge the taint-hook, I was! And promoted t' Cabin Boy ta boot! I'll be practicin' me swabbin' 'till next monday night.

    Fine bunch o' mates ye got there, Gal! Sorry ye couldn't stick around longer, but the Sea-Monkeys is th' right priority.


  8. i got a phone call and couldn't make it. phooey.

  9. We did indeed haze the young CunningRunt. I fear that his bloglessness is a sign of something more sinister...

    Tengrain: "...someone whose blood will run ankle deep in the gutters once the revolution starts..." Oh, I like the sound of that! Good line, gotta make a note...

  10. That is the BEST. PIC. EVER.

    I fear that I won't be saloning with you. I am one that learns from you guys, not a teaching type.

    But keep on blogging and I'll keep reading, trying to fill my noggin with all this stuff.

    [And failing miserably, no doubt. But I'll go down trying...]

  11. No, Brat, your voice is exactly what we need.

    Come by next time.


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