Tuesday, May 22

What it was like last night at the Salon...

At first I was looking for a Merv Griffin thing, you know, how you never know who is going to show up and then all of a sudden what a surprise Neil Sedaka is there and just happens to have a song prepared and the Steinway is right there and the orchestra has rehearsed.

Well, it wasn't like that at all.

It was more like the Steve Allen show where a bunch of hyper-talented people can't believe they're in the same room:

Mega thanks to Cap'n Dyke for co-hosting last night while my deck-monkeys ran around naked and refused to go to bed.

The conversation on dealing with GOP strawman arguments was AMAZING. And lots of enthusiasm for a Blog against Theocracy thing over the fourth of July.

Folks, I just sat there and sighed with awe that all of you are my friends.

Those who attended, kinda in alphabetical order:

Cunning Runt (who needs to GET A BLOG)
Shunra (goddess)
Doug (Balls and Walnuts) shoot I missed you honey.
Driftglass (better than Neil Sedaka, trust me)
Evil Spock
Leo Lincourt (Neural Gourmet)
Manila Ryce (Largest Minority)
Morse (Sestakastan)
Tengrain (Mock, Paper, Scissors)
Threading Water
Quaker Dave (The Quaker Agitator and Daily Darfur)

and then Leo shared the recipe for this chocolate pudding cake. Did I mention I lost a pound and a half last week? Geez. Yep, I'm gonna be using the Ultimate! Body! Press! any day now.


  1. Well, even though I am not as politically astute as most of you are that hang around here, I would most definitely do another Post Against Theocracy again.

    Because the people who go to my blog [I think] wouldn't run across that type of thing-- normally.

    And I didn't seem to lose any of my readership because of it.

    And most of all, because it's really fucking important.

  2. Brat: Come to the salon!

    "Astute"? You're here, aren't you?

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    As ye well know, Me Darlin', I'd co-anythin' with ye...

    They were quite amazin', weren't they, th'lil dears.

    BWT, Leo sent me an apple puddin' in a crockpot recipe. ;)

  4. Anonymous9:00 PM

    It was amazing, Blue Gal -- like the Marx Brothers meet Einstein.



  5. Anonymous9:32 PM

    All true, folks! And like you, BG, I mostly sat there amazed (and getting schooled!) A fine bunch you've collected, Gal!


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