Saturday, May 5

Blog Tipping for a Saturday

Above are my before and after versions of the blog tipping sign. Yes I'm as Midwestern as many of you (Remember Kent Ohio and all that) but the cow did nothing for me.

I like the idea of blog tipping rather than pimping, which is what I used to say. I hope you'll give these three a visit:

1. Beautiful Day Rule. FOBG Karen is starting a blog. Hard to say what will come of it, like any new endeavor, but let me just tell all of you that Karen is deeply committed to environmental and church/state issues and is definitely one of us. She's only got one post up so far and I hope all of you will encourage her by leaving a comment there. (And Karen? Let us know when what you have to blog is more important than being outside on a beautiful day. I give you about five weeks.)

2. Thank the good lord Morse is back. You might remember him from his amazing work at Media Needle. The new blog is called Republic of Sestakastan. We missed your genius at the blogger breakfast table, honey. Welcome home.

3. And finally one from the science wing, but so important to us politicos, too. The denialism blog is a discussion of how to counter (not how to argue) with those who deal in false argument. I should link to the main site, but I'm going to link to this post instead, because it's a good overview of what they're trying to accomplish. I trust from there you can bop around and blogroll.

And as usual when I pimp tip other bloggers, please use your commenting time to comment over there.

Happy Saturday.