Monday, May 21

If there were any justice in this world...

Just wish Jimmy Carter were younger. He'd be good at grave-pissin'.

I suppose the deputy press secretary's official Karl Rove dictionary defines "irrelevant" as "anyone who calls us on our bullshit. Especially past Presidents of the United States. Especially one with a bigger IQ than Bush and Blair combined. The one that won the Nobel Peace Prize. Yeah, that one. Increasingly irrelevant."

By the way, the linked article mentions that the chief of NATO has as his first name, Jaap de Hoop. I don't want to blog about that, but maybe you do.



  1. yeah, pretty much says it all.

    oh here's something interesting.

    seems that self rightous know it all, dr. laura really doesn't.

  2. Is this at all related to MySpace closing down the sites of pederasts?

    Just wondrin'...

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Just met a guy with the name Jaap.

    Seems legit


  4. Totally legit name among Dutchies...

    It's pronounced "yaaaaaaap deh hope", more or less, but it could be way worse and still be legit in the Netherlands.

  5. TheCunningRunt11:53 PM

    JC is a huge hero of mine, despite being slimed by the same fucks that are sliming liberals today. He's the most overtly religious president we've had in generations, yet is strangely moral. And he's put his considerable money where his considerable mouth is, helping poor people obtain housing and overseeing foreign elections in a true effort to spread Democracy, as opposed to this puppet-show bullshit we now call "International Relations."

    George W doesn't deserve to eat JC's shit, in my humble opinion.

  6. TheCunningRunt11:56 PM

    And yeah, that was coarse, but I meant every word of it.

  7. I hear you, CR, and I agree.

  8. Perfect monument for Dubya.


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