Saturday, May 12


Todd McFarland in Liberty Magazine March/April 2007:

A presenter at a conference on religious liberty recently told a story about a woman from east central Texas he met on an airplane. The woman was complaining loudly about the Supreme Court decision prohibiting prayer over the public address systems at Texas public high school football games. He explained to her that he had recently returned from Kazakhstan and assured her that Christians in that predominantly Muslim state would not be excited at all by the government promoting religion. Her response:

"But this is our country."



  1. Oh, but those Christians are already training in the martial arts in anticipation to Ninja Jesus.

    Christ was fast as lightning!

  2. Ninja Jesus! So that's how the rapture goes down.

  3. Holy crap, is that Charlie Sheen?

  4. TheCunningRunt5:04 PM

    Pope-Slap Me Jesus!

  5. TheCunningRunt6:16 PM

    But seriously, Evil Spock has it right. I recently read the Rolling Stone article on "Battle Cry," a radical Christian Right youth group that's filling stadiums with kids, Christ-Metal bands, and rousing charismatic cheer leading by Ron Luce (and people, he's good!) culminating in sword-wielding dismemberment of dummies labeled with "sins" such as "homosexuality."

    Sunsara Taylor has a well writen article about it at ; be sure to check out the video of her debating Luce on The O'Rielly Factor. She manages to stay the course and keep her cool despite, well, you know.

    At any rate, I think we're about to see a tremendous surge in sectarian violence if these folks aren't challenged more forcefully by The Thinking People.


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