Thursday, May 31

It is easy to get discouraged...

...when you think no one is listening, that your reality is not the same as what is being spewed elsewhere.

But enough about ME.

Doug has a great post up
(panties included) about taking steps, baby steps, but steps, to move to Canada. Because we can't count on the Democrats to make it all better. Because there might be a draft to support the endless war, and those of us with young sons will want to get. out. sooner. rather than later.

I know. I know. BUT....

And unless the draft does threaten my children (I am so outta here then, of course) I can't be a part of the brain drain that leaves this country to Beck, Cavuto, and Hannity. As long as their lips are moving, I'm here to fight. Thanks to Dr. Zaius for making an angry BG.


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Our plan is to move to Canada as soon as the paradise we call Loft living comes to an end, and that won't be too far off. It's nice up there. They actually pay you to be an artist.

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    In the book "They Thought They Were Free" by Milton Mayer, the author mentions that in the mid to late 19th century most of the more liberal Germans emigrated to America. That left the crusty conservatives to cook up strategies that involved two world wars, and the idea that anyone who disagreed with them could be killed.

    My country of choice for flight would be either Costa Rica (no army) or Denmark. But Costa Rica has a large and diverse population of snakes, and Denmark looks cold. Therefore, because I love my country, I am going to stay and be liberal and raise l'il liberals too. In other words, if the brains go so goes the conscience.

  3. You know my take on Canada--it's just not far enough away. Sadly, nowhere on Earth is. I pretend that I ran away as funny premise for my blog, but I'm not going nowhere. We're gonna kick Bushie ass. Starting any day now. lol.

  4. yeah, i'm outa here if it's going to threaten my little boy. hopefully things will change by the time he's a teenager.

    love the angry blue gal!!!

  5. You always have to deal with assholes no matter WHERE you live.

    May as well stay--because I sure don't want to have to learn all the shortcuts in a new place. Or the quickest way to the interstate.

  6. Hubba, hubba, you're so cute when you're mad BG.

  7. You know, I really like Montreal, but my French sucks, my Quebecois is worse, and I would hate to be one of those English-only speakers up there.

    But I don't think of myself as a patriot. I love Boston, and I like the US for the most part, but that's more because I'm accustomed to it than anything else.

    If Murca really turns into a theocratic war without end kind of country, I won't feel guilty about getting out and washing my hands of the place.

  8. me, i'm here and i'm stay'n!

    and as we say around here, "f'em if they can't take a joke!"

    i think you gotta be from pgh to get that, ; )

  9. I'm here for the long haul - I struggled thirty years to make it here, and am not giving up on it.

    Not even if the country looks like it's sliding down the slope toward insanity and fascism. This is my country, right or wrong. When right, to celebrate. When wrong, to steer to rightness.

    You and I will be fighting for justice together for a LONG time.

  10. I spent a summer in Burlingto, Ontario, years ago, and had a blast. You haven't played indoor (box) lacrosse until you've played with the guys from the Nations...


    I am not leaving. And they can't make me.

    They can't have my sons, either. They'll have to kill me first.

    We need to start educating people about what's coming, and start working on changing the laws regarding Conscientious Objection. My kids WILL be CO's, even though they are not Quakers.

    I'm doing some homework on this topic this summer. Anybody want to help?

  11. *BurlingtoN, Ontario*


    "Cut and run"? NEVER.

  12. QD, here's a website for you:

    it's done most of the homework you could possibly want on this.

  13. Anonymous5:18 PM

    A good friend of mine, a brilliant, passionate anti-war crusader, is just about ready to hang it up; he's tired of carrying the weight of a country which cares, as Cindy Sheehan so succinctly put it, "More about who will be the next American Idol than about how many people are dying in Iraq."

    It's truly sad to see. When The Few do the work which should be spread amongst The Many, the best and most dedicated eventually burn out.

    I'm with The Stayers, though. My children trust me to do the right thing. The animals have no hands but mine. We aren't listening to the whales, and the trees have no voice. The Whole Damned World is depending on me, and you, and you.

    "Gotta get Down To It...
    ...How can you Run When You Know!"

    Stand and deliver, People. There's no place left to hide.

  14. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Forget Canada, Blue Gal - move to Berkeley. They'll never take us alive!



  15. Mommmmmm! Stop. Your snarl is skeering me.

  16. "You haven't played indoor (box) lacrosse until you've played with the guys from the Nations..."

    Bumper sticker seen at a recent pow-wow: "Give blood. Play stick-ball."

    And there is never, ever, in a hundred-million bazillion years, EVER going to be a draft again, for three simple reasons: A) Republicans can't do it because the entire concept of sacrifice and service to a greater cause is completely alien to them; B) Democrats won't do it and C) the military is universally and unalterably opposed to the draft due to post-Vietnam Stress Disorder.
    In some ways, this is a shame, since America IMHO desperately needs some form of mandatory national service (not just military, but the Peace Corps, VISTA, Clinton's national service group, even just working as a teacher or doctor in an under-served area for a period of years) in order to restore our shattered sense of national community and identity.

  17. Anonymous10:57 AM

    A shout out to you, Blue Gal. You think it's rough in Atlanta, try the boomies of south Louisiana. Listen, the experience of these times are actually going to make you a better, stronger, and more focussed woman, mother, and patriot. Maybe you could use some of the music that helped sustain a former generation in a similar situation -- the godawful Vietnam travesty. I'd recommend "What About Me" by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Always pumps me up for a good, long day of honest and absolutely American patriotic dissent!

    Fuck the war.
    Keep the faith.

  18. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Aye, Me Godling, she be soooo fierce an' all. As for Th' Cap'n, when BG looks at her that way I put down me tankard an' pay great mind...because she be soooo fierce an' all.

  19. Anonymous2:32 PM

    If I read the website correctly, there's a three year residency requirement before you can apply for Canadian Citizenship. To my mind, that argues against making decisions at the last moment. You really want to be IN Canada when the Draft Board starts coming for your kids.

    Believe me, I'm sympathetic to the "This is my country and I'll fight for it from within" crowd. But at the same time, law abiding Americans that we are, we have to pay taxes to a government that condones the torture and murder of other human beings (many of whom are almost certainly NOT terrorists). It's getting harder and harder for me to stomach that support.

    Thanks for the shout!

  20. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Kick some electoral butt. Never let it be said that the U.S. of A. burned, while "Nero" fiddled. Oh, and about the draft--I've always thought that a country that has female soldiers in combat duty, would draft the country's daughters, as well as her sons. The draft? That's just a contemporary version of those who are not related to royalty being forced to fight, to make the rich richer. Of course, there is already something in place of the draft--a poverty of available jobs, while so much work is contracted out of the country, so that that military service is "a job", with an unbreakable contract.
    Even in Canada, recently an ad for enlistment was changed from a focus on "adventure" to wanting "to fight". We want another federal government, most of us, that doesn't just parrot GWB's rhetoric about staying "the course". It's a good thing ours is parliamentary, and a minority government. This government can be brought down by votes from all three opposition parties. The question is when.


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