Saturday, May 26

Off to the summer digs

La Famille Blue Gal is on their way to the summer digs. It's an all day trip and I don't have high speed out there yet. Will post again Tuesday if I have to kick Mr. BG out of his office. (Office? You mean he's got a separate downtown office? While everyone's on vacation at the summer digs? OH wait. It's Mr. BG. Don't get her started.)

See you Tuesday. Have a great weekend.


  1. You rock, BG! Pack some extra panties. ;-)

  2. Hey BG,

    Saw this and thought you might like this. I don't remember seeing you talk about this before. It is Panties for Peace, this woman is selling panties with 50% of the profits going to peace in Darfur. Hope this works.

  3. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Hey BG,

    Bring a coat for today. The rest of the week looks good.

  4. Josh:

    The link works.

    Not that... I look at women's underwear or anything...

  5. Josh Happymonkey is a BG advertiser from time to time. Just so you know.

  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Welcome back, Gal O' Blue! Are you returned or just remote-blogging? At any rate, I been jonesin' for your bloggy-banter and filling the void with my own feeble musings (yes, I finally Did The Deed!)

  7. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I'm still trying to convince Karen to do another summer trip uppa those parts. Cross yer fingies.


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