Thursday, May 3

Happy Second Blogiversary!

To Circle Jerk at the Square Dance.

Here I was, getting all wonky with the discussion at Smooth Pebbles and Sully about whether this whole bloggie thang is "worth it." (and believe me, that's a left-brained guy thing, a NON-ARTIST thing, and has something to do with "results" and "outcomes" and I really don't get it.)

Then Brando cuts through the fog and reminds us that it's about distracting porn surfers just long enough to get them to think about something else. Quite the accomplishment. Thanks, hon.


  1. Thanks, Blue Gal. You know, I have those same thoughts, too, but the bottom line is, blogging is fun for me. As long as it stays that way, I'll keep doing it.

    And thanks for the panties!

  2. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Blue Gal blogs faster than a speeding bullet, and Gregorio reads at a considerably slower rate, so late as it may be, I say:
    "Hearty Congratulations, on your second year of publication. Without a Blue Gal on the Internets, there'd be wholesale fornication."
    And as Chairman Mao is supposed to have said, She who has a voice, let her speak up. Let the 1000 flowers bloom.
    Or something. And of all the blue flowers out there, yers is da preddiest!
    Keep on bloggin'!


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