Wednesday, May 23

One Word.


Okay more than one word. Disappointed he didn't mention Kucinich. Yeah I know about special K's mixed-up flip-flop not-firm-enough stand on abortion. He's right about this war. He has been. Tell me Harry Reid is firm on abortion. Please. Congress is a buncha career whores who will blow whichever inside the beltway john pays the most that hour. Tired of the lot.

(Funny how we all link to Crooks and never thank Amato and his staff. Thanks to C&L for making it possible for us to watch that and think about it.)


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Just watched that and cheered! Pro'ly woke the neighbors again, hope they're getting used to it.

    Man-oh-man, woman, thanks for opening this window for me.

  2. I had plans on posting the YouTube clip on my site for tomorrows morning readers. Foiled again. Anyway, here's the clip for you or anyone else who wants to embed it.

  3. i just love him. i watched and jumped up i was so damn happy that someone said what a lot of us are thinking!

  4. yes.... I was looking for the right words to express exactly how I felt about the Dems at this point in time, and then heard Olbermann last night:

  5. One word for the Democrats:



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