Friday, May 4

quote of the day plus a bonus quiz!


From the comment thread of this Wapo article: "They all forget that if it wasn't for whiskey and sex none of them would be here."

The idea that anyone seeking the Presidency would raise their hand to affirm that they don't "believe" in evolution. I mean, even if it isn't the "hand of God" Mr. McCain, (and kudos to you for finding a way to sit on both fences) the hand you raise, Mr. Brownback? It's got an opposable thumb right there!

I have shown restraint on this idea until now, but it's time for a little one question GOP quiz:

Fill in the blank:

"What a seriously dangerous idiotic piece of shit ______________________ is."

a. Brownback
b. Giuliani
c. Huckabee
d. McCain
e. Romney
f. Tancredo

Tough one, isn't it?


  1. G. All of the above.

    C'mon. Give us a toughie!

  2. Check out my debate wrap up over on Monkey Muck.

  3. The evolution question is a litmus test for me, because it says what you need to know about whether someone lets facts shape their beliefs or beliefs shape their facts.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Bein' a lesbian Pirate Queen means I get more choices - I say shit be shit across th'board, Me Darlin'.

    Th'question is which shit will be flushed afore th'elections an' which shit will rise t' th'top o' th'bowl. (Bollocks, methinks I've n'er used shit so many times in a comment!)

  5. Anonymous4:32 PM

    QD, damn straight!

    Brando, right on with the analysis.

    And Cap'n, brilliant visual there. I shit you not!

  6. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Oh, and BTW, Brownsack gets my vote. I mean we're all ass-burgers at some point, but he's an ass-burger all friggin' over!

  7. You know, with the exception of Romney's helmet hair, these guys could all be clones of each other.

    But that'd be a sin, I guess. They'd all be against it. Which means they'd be against themselves. Or something.

  8. i watched it. i'm still recovering!

  9. I agree with QD ... all of the above. What a bunch of weenies.



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